An Esty’s First Year Journey: January

Each month this year, we will chronicle the trials and tribulations of a newly licensed esthetician taking her first steps into the esthetics industry. Without further ado, meet Sofia Montero Rorrer.

Hi, Sofia! Can you give us an overview of your background so far?

I started cosmetology school last May and it took about five months to complete. I graduated in October. I’ve always known I wanted to do this, ever since I was 16 years old, but my parents wanted me to go to college, so I am also studying nursing.

I like doing makeup, and I practice on my friends. I’m actually doing a trial for one of my friends because she’s getting married next year – the bridal and bridesmaids’ makeup. Also, I love to read.

For me, it’s about making people feel good in their natural beauty, which can be hard to do these days, especially for younger girls.

What made you decide to become a licensed esthetician?

It actually started with makeup when I was 16. I was helping a friend do her makeup because we were going out to dinner, and she didn’t know exactly how to do it. But, I had been practicing. After I finished, she started crying and said she had never felt this beautiful. That was such an amazing feeling to have.

My mom was going to esthetics school at that time. I went to a few classes with her and found it to be really interesting. For me, it’s about making people feel good in their natural beauty, which can be hard to do these days, especially for younger girls.

What did the process to get licensed look like?

I went to cosmetology school which covered all the bases. They had a skincare program, which took about 260 hours. I went to class at night from 6:00-10:00 p.m., since I was also in college during the day. About half that time, I’d be practicing things like facials and lashes. The other half of the time, I would be in theory classes. That was pretty much my life for almost six months.

What are you most excited to learn?

I am honestly really excited to work with people with acne-prone skin, especially younger people. I’ve been working with my little sister, she’s 14. That and hyperpigmentation, particularly for darker skin. I definitely want to learn more about that to expand my range for everybody.

Now that you’re licensed, what type of role are you looking for?

Besides being an esthetician, I might want to do lashes, too. I’m thinking about it. I don’t really have a steady hand, so I really have to practice that. Eventually, I want to manage my own space. I know what I want, and I want that creative control. Once I get my nursing license, I want to be able to perform more advanced facials, like you would find in a MedSpa.

Do you have any particular areas of interest in the field?

I have sensitive skin and rosacea. It’s very hard to find products that don’t irritate my skin. I’d definitely like to touch on the sensitive aspect to find what works best.

What are you hoping to achieve during your first year?

Honestly, just getting a position in a salon so I can make some money while I keep practicing my skills. My mom wants to work with me in the future, and we have this camper we’d love to renovate into a mobile beauty space. So I’d really love to finish that project so we can work together.

what are your long-term goals for your esthetics career?

I want to be able to run my own business, whether is a spa or even expanding the mobile concept to other places. I do still want to practice, even if I’m in management. Only time will tell!