A Deep Dive into Reiki

With Fernando Aria, Founder of Reiki Connection Miami and Wellness Room Miami

What is reiki, in your own words? What about this healing technique makes it so effective?

Reiki is a beautiful, gentle and simple practice that can help you find deep relaxation and eliminate toxins at different levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is a non-invasive, non-religious practice that can be learned by anyone and that has proven to help in cases of anxiety, pain management, reducing effects of chemotherapy, and creating a sense of wellbeing. It is a practice that originated in Japan in 1922, by its founder Mikao Usui and one that has been deemed safe by the AHA (American Health Association). In fact, there are over 800 hospitals across the USA offering Reiki as an adjunct practice to their patients on a regular basis.

How does Reiki work? How does Reiki feel?

A Reiki practitioner will place his hand slightly over your body or will hover over it, allowing the energy to flow into the person receiving reiki. As I said, it is a very simple practice and the client might experience many different sensations or emotions, from a soothing sensation of warmth emitted from the hands of the practitioner to experiencing a deep level of relaxation, having an emotional discharge, reduction in pain, or an overall sense of wellbeing. Each experience is absolutely unique and there are not two like it.

During a session, you will be lying down comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed and the reiki practitioner will hover his or her hands or make very light contact with your body allowing the energy to flow. If your Reiki practitioner has received the necessary training, he/she can offer reiki sessions from the distance as well. It is equally effective and allows you to receive the benefits of reiki when commuting or being in contact with others is an issue.

Reiki is used in over 800 hundred hospitals in the USA, Including Mayo Clinic, John’s Hopkins, and Yale New Heaven just to name a few.

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What changes could one experience as a result of a Reiki session?

Most clients report an immediate sense of well-being and relaxation, reduction of pain, reduction in the levels of stress and anxiety and after a session, clients frequently report having the best night of sleep they had in a long while. The so-called ‘monkey mind’, might find a space for relaxation and quiet, amongst some of the most commons comments from clients after a reiki session.

How can a spa professional or esthetician integrate Reiki into their practice? How can it be incorporated into a facial or massage?

Reiki complements the practice of spa professionals and estheticians very well. I have had the pleasure of teaching Reiki to several massage therapists, spa professionals, and estheticians, who have incorporated Reiki into their daily work with very good results. As reiki practitioners, they will have a new tool to help their clients further. As a spa professional or esthetician, you are in a unique position, already creating rapport with your client, and with their consent, adding reiki could certainly benefit them further.

How can one obtain their Reiki certification?

You can obtain your certification by signing to one of the classes we offer at Wellness Room Miami. I offer the first two levels once a month, on a full day, full of information and a fun environment. The Master level I is offered by request and after completing an interview with the candidate looking to become a reiki master/teacher.

What is Reiki attunement? What does one achieve in the different levels of Reiki attunement?

While there are many different schools of Reiki that have been created through the years, in line with the most traditional style taught by Master Usui which is what I teach, there are three levels.

  • Shoden or first level where amongst many topics, the biggest outcome is you learn to give reiki to yourself and others.
  • Okuden or second level, where the main purpose is to learn the protocol to give a reiki session from the distance and the 3 Usui Reiki symbols.
  • Shinpiden or Master Teacher level. This level is intended for those seeking to teach reiki. It is not necessary to practice or to give reiki to others, in person or from the distance.

The attunement or reiju in Japanese is a special moment during the training where the master/teacher completes the passage of knowledge to the student. You can find all pertinent details about the different levels on our website: www.wellnessroommiami.com And I cordially invite you to follow us on instagram and facebook: wellnessroommiami, where you will always find the most updated information about dates, trainings or any special events taking place.