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Summer Skin Prep

Unique treatments for glowing skin

It’s no secret that the long, cold months of winter take a toll on the skin. With warmer temps finally on the horizon, your clients are desperate to restore their skin to its natural radiance from head to toe in time for the season of beach days and sunny selfies! The first step to rebooting skin to its natural radiance in time for summer is to identify and reverse the negative impacts of winter’s harsh climate. Get ready to tackle your clients’ most common and bothersome post-winter skin issues with inspiration from spa treatments that deliver just that!


Low humidity and the cold, windy weather of winter promote itchy, dry, irritated skin. Additionally, exposure to indoor heaters and long, hot showers strip away skin’s protective outer layer of moisture. The extreme temperature changes from going between indoors and outdoors during the winter also leads to dryness, free radical damage and inflammation of the skin. By the time the warmer weather rolls around, lack of moisture from these winter elements has dampened the skin’s glow.

  • Treatment remedy: Signature Blueberry Wrap Mokara Spa, Irving, Texas

This treatment takes place in a massage room that includes a shower, however it can also be done in a dry room and modified to include a towel-off application. The service begins with the client lying face down, and the therapist performs a dry brushing of the entire back of the body in the direction of the lymph flow with long, smooth movements. A blueberry scrub containing raw sugar cane, blueberry and sweet almond oil is then applied to the entire back of the body, with special emphasis on elbows and feet. Any remaining scrub that does not completely dissolve is removed with hot towels, and client is patted dry. This is followed by the application of a gel-like oil containing blueberry, raspberry, grape seed extract, green and black tea.

The client turns over, and the same process — dry brushing, scrub and oil application — is now performed on the front of the body, with special emphasis on the knees and feet. The client is then wrapped in layers including a mylar thermal blanket and sheets, which is left on for 10 to 20 minutes, during which time clients are treated to a scalp and head massage. After being unwrapped, clients shower (if performed in dry room, wrap is removed with towels). The therapist then massages a hydrating lotion of shea butter, blueberry juice and mica, leaving skin soft, supple and glowing. (50 minutes, $135)

Lack of moisture from these winter elements has dampened the skin’s glow. Sun Kiss ed Looks guide


The winter holiday season is fun, but let’s face it — these colder months are a time of overindulgence and celebration that also bring increased levels of stress, alcohol intake and a sugar-heavy diet lacking in vitamins and antioxidants. This, combined with more time spent indoors and out of the sun, leads to lackluster skin all over the body at the start of summer.

  • Treatment remedy: Wildflower Ritual Wrap Complexions Spa for Beauty and Wellness, Albany, N.Y.

Beauty, luxury and well-being meet in perfect harmony in this skin rejuvenating head-to-toe treatment, which takes place in a wet room with a horizontal overhead shower above the massage table. It begins with a full body exfoliation using a sugar scrub containing geranium and rose petals. The foaming scrub lasts approximately 20 minutes and channels the fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra, which rules the lymphatic system. The client is then rinsed with the overhead shower.

The therapist follows by massaging a hydrating wrap made of shea butter infused with wildflowers, herbs and banana leaves into the client’s body for approximately five minutes. No foil or plastic is applied on top of this natural treatment; the ingredients alone are left on the body to work their magic for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the therapist performs lifting facial point therapy on the client, using trigger points on the face to increase relaxation, leaving them with a radiant aura, revitalized mind and soft, glowing skin. The wrap is then removed and the therapist concludes the treatment with a final application of shea butter. (60 minutes, $119)


Over the course of the winter, toxins can build up in fat cells, due in part to poor dietary choices common during winter and decreased circulation from sedentary lifestyles. At this time of year, clients are seeking a treatment to zap this unsightly lumpiness right away before showing more skin and enhancing their tone with bronzing and contouring services.

  • Treatment Remedy: Awakening Coffee Body Scrub Treatment The Pampered Escape Spa Houston, Texas

This treatment takes place on a massage table with a disposable sheet. It begins with five minutes of dry brushing from the legs up to the heart, which promotes detoxification through lymphatic drainage and improved vascular blood circulation. The dry brushing also helps with muscle tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite by eliminating toxins stored in fat cells, so fat is deposited more evenly under the skin for a smoother appearance. Next, the therapist buffs the skin with a handmade coffee scrub of coffee extract, glycerin, sugar and coconut oil to reveal smooth new glowing skin.

The client’s body is then layered with warm towels and any remains of the coffee scrub that were not absorbed during the treatment are wiped off. Hot stones can be rubbed onto the body to help massage the remainder of the scrub into the skin when necessary. The treatment concludes with a 60-minute massage using coconut oil or massage cream. (120 minutes, $200)

After prolonged exposure to wind, chafing can lead to signs of premature aging..


Winter can wreak havoc on tender, aging skin, causing significant dryness and even cracking. After prolonged exposure to wind, chafing can lead to signs of premature aging. Hot showers and increased artificial heat exposure also serve to strip away moisture. Poor eating habits, alcohol intake and reduced fluid intake common during colder months lead to glycation and dehydration from the inside out, further exacerbating this aging effect.

  • Treatment Remedy: Red Flower Nature Antioxidizing Facial Body by Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N.Y.

This six-part facial includes a deep cleansing of the face to remove all makeup and excess oil, a detoxifying and exfoliating scrub to eliminate dead skin cells, a balancing toner to lay a foundation for the deep hydration mask that follows, a neck and shoulder massage while the mask is hydrating the skin, and concluding with the removal of the mask and the application of a serum specifically selected for the client’s skin.

This health-boosting treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, relaxes facial tension, uplifts and tones the facial muscles, increases blood and lymphatic circulation and delivers a surge of deep hydration to leave skin healthy, balanced and rejuvenated. (Weekday 60 minutes, $124/ Weekend, 60 minutes, $134)


The effect of weather dryness on the skin applies to the scalp as well, which is often forgotten until the client experiences dryness, itchiness and flaking in the scalp. This in turn can lead to damage of the hair, as the roots of the hair are also under the skin and cannot receive any nourishment that the scalp is lacking. This is compounded by a tendency to scratch the irritated area, which can cause the hair to break and even fall out.

  • Treatment Remedy: Radiant Renewal Face & Scalp Treatment Bodhi Massage & Wellness Center San Diego, Calif.

This 10-step treatment is a full refresher from the neck up. A hot towel is placed on the client’s face, and a gentle facial massage is performed over the towel. The therapist then provides a foaming, exfoliating deep cleanse to rid the skin of any excess residue. This is followed by the application of a toner spray to balance the skin’s oil levels. A nutrient- packed clay mask is then applied to the face to purge impurities. While the mask is in place, the therapist performs a deep, soothing scalp and neck massage with a fingertip-sized amount of rosemary oil. The oil is left in the hair, so clients are advised they may leave with messy hair after receiving this treatment.

After the scalp massage, the clay mask is removed with a toner, followed up with a lip scrub and moisturizer. An equalizing toner is applied to the skin one last time, followed by an eye cream treatment to reduce any signs of dark circles, and concluding with a gentle facial massage to completely relax the client and plump skin. This treatment leaves both the client’s face and scalp feeling refreshed, clean and vibrant. (45 minutes, $60)

The effect of weather dryness on the skin applies to the scalp as well.