Holiday Spa Success

Unique tips and strategies for holiday spa success

by Dori Soukup

Carrier oils are acquired from the fatty portion of a plant, typically the seeds, kernels or nuts, and are best known for their ability to dilute essential oils before applying them to the skin. Once applied to skin, these oils “carry” the essential oils and other topical treatments into the skin, hence the name “carrier oils.”

Although carrier oils are traditionally known for their ability to deliver essential oils to the skin, it doesn’t stop there! The chemical composition of these oils allows them to be used in combination with other more potent topicals. These topical agents, such as retinol, vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid “piggyback” the carrier oils, and their beneficial properties are delivered deep into the skin. Because these oils are similar in composition to the skin’s own sebum, they are absorbed naturally into the skin. Remember, oil attracts oil! Use your client’s natural delivery system to make your treatments more effective.

Holiday Spa Success

Implement the following 8 strategies and ho, ho ho all the way to the bank!

1 Product Mix

Many spas only stock up on skin care products for the holidays. Expand your product mix by offering a wide range of products and gift items. You can go to gift shows and select unusual items your clients would be interested in – items that compliment your experiences and that your clients will enjoy at home between visits. You need to order your products in advance to ensure they are received early enough to be there when you are ready to launch your holiday offers.

Once you receive the products, display them in a festive way. Merchandising is very important during the holidays. You have to put your clients in the mood to purchase, just like department stores do. Make shopping an experience! Try this: instead of selling one product at a time, bundle a few items together. Place them in attractive packaging that will be irresistible! Don’t use baskets – that’s history. Use gift boxes instead! When creating your packages, you want to create different price points: low, medium and high in order to appeal to different clientele.

You should name your packages; such as, Relax, Energize, Sleep, Happiness, Love, etc.

A good idea is to run reports to determine what sold very well last year and improve upon it. Be creative! Combine body products with other gift items such as CDs, bath products, accessories, candles, books, massage tools, branded items with your name on them, etc. Involve your team in creating the gift offers. If your team has input and they are sold on the items, they are more likely to promote and sell them. Also, pre-wrap some of the gifts to make the buying experience fast and easy.

2 Maximize Revenue by Combining Gift Cards and Retail

Gift card sales are always a big hit during the holidays. Here is a tip on how to maximize your gift card sales for holiday spa success. Don’t sell gift cards alone – create three gift card offers that include product/retail gifts within each one. So, instead of someone just buying a gift card, they are able to buy a gift along with the gift card. Create a flyer featuring 3 or 4 options they can purchase and make sure they are at different price points. Display the gifts in a prominent area within the spa to attract attention and make people aware of the gift packages. This really works! You can increase your gift card sales tremendously.

For example: a guest can purchase a $100 gift card and a retail gift for $50, making the total purchase $150. You can offer them a 10 % discount by giving them a gift card for $15 that they can use toward their future visit!

This makes gift giving more fun and gives them a reason to come back and see you! Use the same idea and create different price points. This will help you sell more retail and increase your revenue tremendously.

3 Festive Decorations

Make the spa ambiance festive and keep it simple. Remember, less is more. Include your products within the decorations. A simple thing to do is to display beautifully wrapped packages with ribbons, especially by the gift card area. Have fun and get creative!

Remember, it’s the season of giving. Put up a donation tree! Team up with your favorite charity organizations in your community and ask your guests to take an angel off the tree and donate to the cause. You can give daily totals of how much you collected on Facebook to encourage others to visit and donate!

4 Profitable Holiday Event

Hosting an event is a great way to thank all your clients and generate revenue at the same time! Planning a Holiday Party should involve the whole team. You will need to create an invitation, arrange all your food and drinks, and decide on which treatments you want to feature in each room. Most importantly, set a target as to how much business you want to generate. One key point is to give each guest “spa dollars” when they walk in. These “spa dollars” are good only during the event. Spa dollars should have a call to action, asking the guest to purchase gift cards. For example, they can purchase a $100 gift card and receive a $10 gift card for free. You can have all sorts of amounts on the spa dollars. The bigger the amount they purchase, the bigger the free offer is. They will be able to use these gift cards toward any treatments or give them as gifts. At events like this, depending on how many people you invite, you are able to generate thousands of dollars in sales.

“Set a target as to how much business you want to generate.”

5 Email and Social Media Campaign

Prepare and send out gift card promotions via email and social media. Use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to promote all your gift packages. Shoot a video of all the gifts and push it out to all your social media outlets. This will give you huge exposure in letting everyone know about your holiday spa gifts. Inform your clients of all the fun and exciting things you have going on this holiday season. If you don’t have an enewsletter, and you are not shooting videos and using social media to promote your business, start now!

6 VIP Client Gifts

Every spa has clients who spend a lot of money with them. Now will be the time to show your appreciation with some sort of special gift. Let them know they are special to you! You might want to host a VIP event prior to your big event and treat them to something special.

7 Team Targets and Goals

Set team targets for service, retail, and gift card package sales. Announce a reward program to help the team stay motivated and reach their targets. Show them what is in it for them!

8 Team Party

A team appreciation party is a must! Do something special to let them know how valued they are!. Go ahead and get started. The best way to plan for holiday success is to time block and schedule it on your calendar. Begin working on this now and don’t procrastinate, so you and your team can have the best Holiday Season yet!

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