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Allow us to inspire a brand new year of treatments with health from the inside out!


Coral Gables, Fla.—November 24, 2015— If you’ve got a gut feeling there’s more ways your spa business could be helping clients, don’t miss December’s edition of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!


This month’s issue is all about wellness from within, starting with the anchor of good health: the gut. Because a clean gut means clear skin, this month’s special Gut Health Guide is an all-inclusive catalog on the latest gut treatments, nutrition, probiotics and how the body’s personal bacterial cloud affects your client’s health and skin. Complement your current offerings and truly transform your clients skin with the Probiotics photoshoot. This month brings you everything your clients will need to feel new, just in time for a new year.


Not so sweet

Could sugar be making your clients age faster? Annette Tobia, Ph.D. and Alice Marcy, Ph.D. provide an in-depth look at glycation and the skin. Complete with a determining quiz to help you see if glycation is at play in your client’s skin, a list of foods to minimize its effects and the best treatments, “Sugar Shakedown” will help you repair your client’s aging skin and improve their overall health.


From scalp to strands

The section of skin most easily overlooked may just be the most important in looking young and full of life. Incorporate “Skin Care for the Hair” in your spa’s menu to revamp your client’s dry, damaged, oily or thinning scalp and hair. Boost your revenue, retail and your client’s hair health with Linda DiMariano.


Contract in, or out

One of the toughest business decisions made easy, Dori Soukup discusses the facts about “Independent Contractors vs. Employees. Learn the differences according to the IRS, pros and cons of both statuses and how to decide which is right for your business.


Hot herb alert

Great in food, even better for spicing up your treatments, ginger carries dozens of topical and digestive virtues. Amanda Clinton Winter shares how to “Spice it Up!” with this wonder herb and give your clients sensational skin, improved digestion and so much more.


Lip service

Full, healthy lips have long been a sign of youth. Rose Marie Beauchemin explains the elusive art of nude color permanent lip tattooing to give clients “The Pinch of Youth.” This cutting-edge trend is the ideal solution for defining flattering lip color without a dramatic line, perfectly paired with light lip gloss for quick on-the-go color.


Our last issue of 2015 is packed with inspiration to finish your year on a high note and prepare for the next, including glorious gold rituals, post-holiday skin revival treatments, sustainability in the spa, branding your small business and much more!


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