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Allow us to inspire a new year of innovations in wellness and beauty!


Coral Gables, Fla.—December 17, 2015—Embrace a brand new year with groundbreaking industry concepts in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa’s first issue of 2016!


January’s edition of LNE & Spa brings you the latest in beauty and wellness. Our special guide on The Power of Oils breaks the myths of oil and includes innovative treatment ideas, how different oils and scents impact the body and mind, what to look for or avoid when purchasing and many other topics for everything you’ll need to incorporate oils into your treatments. Then, unlock nature’s secret formulas with our essential oils photoshoot for a brilliant beauty boost.


Nurturing nutrition

A new year’s resolution to eat healthier could mean much more for your clients, and their skin. In “The A-Es of Skincare,” Theresa Sabatela explains how key vitamins and nutrients impact the skin, how to spot deficiencies and the natural food sources that could make all the difference in their skin care routines.


Love from head to toes

Romantic side-by-side couples treatments are spa staples around Valentine’s Day. Take your treatments deeper with creative ideas and inspirations to help couples open their hearts, balance their chakras, reach unified harmony and connect through touch. Truly, “Spa is Where the Heart is.”


Always handy

While only 42 percent of American adults own a desktop computer, 90 percent own a smartphone. This means your clients are viewing your website on mobile devices and it’s more important than ever for your spa’s site to be responsive. With these tips from Louis Silberman on making your website mobile-friendly, your clients will keep you “In The Palm of Their Hand.”


Beyond homegrown

Take your organic and all-natural offerings a step further with ingredients you can grow right in the spa! From outdoor planter’s boxes to an indoor hydroponic system, “Growing Wholeness” has never been easier. Brenda Stansfield specifies the best herbs to grow, their unique healing properties and how to use them for well-being inside and out.

See the glasses half full

What was once considered nerdy and unattractive is now the ultimate accessory, but women who wear glasses face new obstacles in makeup application. Renowned makeup artist Shawn Towne reveals easy ways of “Making a Spectacle” by tailoring makeup for women with glasses.


Exciting topics to ring in a fresh year await you in January’s edition of LNE & Spa, including the anti aging wonders of ubiquinol, treating your clients to VIP service, incorporating yoga in the spa for ultimate wellness, a photo feature with America’s Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez with makeup by Pamela Taylor and so much more!


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