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Coral Gables, Fla. — August 23, 2016 — Time for a new season! Shed the old and start anew with a fresh canvas for fall. Clients desire a refreshed look and we are ready to share the ins and outs of this process exclusively with you!



Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa’s exclusive Peels Guide explores how chemical exfoliation can repair skin and the secret to decoding perfect peel combinations. Discover how to master peels as well as the ins and outs of before and after care. Find out about the best practices and trends for radiant skin with even tone in addition to enhanced texture.



Raise Your Facial IQ

Skin is usually classified by type and this system may not address the pain points of clients within each category. In a revolutionary shift, skin can now be thought of as combinations for a more thorough analysis. Get all the tools needed to learn the amazing new way of customizing skin care with the riveting piece “The New Skin Type Analysis”.



Explore New Beauty Experiences Beyond the Surface

Shake up your exfoliation classics and learn about new “it” ingredients to revamp your menu. These natural, and often local, offerings provide a unique experience. Slough skin off and delight your clients at the same time! Become an insider and explore which scrubs the most innovative spas around the world are using in “Beyond the Sugar Scrub”.



Create a Valuable Community

A good spa is a culture and a movement facilitated by valued team members. Finding top talent can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. Discover talent in all the right places to recruit the best in the industry with “Hire Top Talent”. Find out how to attract the team that will take business to new heights!



Blaze the Path to Complete Wellness

Sexual education is an important component of well-being. Be a trailblazer in the wellness community by offering treatments, workshops and lectures that explore this once taboo subject. Get the inside scoop with “Sexual Well-Being in the Spa”.



The Return of Grunge

Calling all riot girls and beach bunnies! The 90s are having a major moment in the beauty and fashion world. Beauty industry insiders mine this period for inspiration. Rather than dusting off Doc Martens and searching for vintage products, discover the steps of updating iconic looks of this amazing decade in “The Big Comeback of 1990s Makeup”. Learn how to create this nostalgic look for newcomers or update for those longing for flannel in this stimulating and artistic step-by-step guide.



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