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Coral Gables, Fla. — September 20, 2016 — The first taste of magic many young girls experience is with makeup. Beyond the tools and endless rainbow of colors, there is a sense that with the right techniques, the world will become a wonderland. Clients want to be on trend and our fall exclusives are ready for you inside.


Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa is pleased to present our exciting Makeup Guide that not only breaks down how to achieve trends for the defined looks clients want, but also how to maximize retail opportunities by building a solid business and the ultimate add-on spa services. Learn how to decode your client’s makeup personality and generate new revenue by hosting a makeup class.


Create New Conditions


Unique experiences will make your spa memorable. Cryotherapy is one of the most talked about new spa trends sweeping the nation for targeted skin care. Discover the benefits of full body, facial and localized treatments as well as pre- and post-care in “The Big Chill”. Explore the ins and outs of key ingredients to shield complexions from environmental contaminants in “Anti-Pollution Skin Care”.


Explore Unexpected Treatments

Always keep clients anticipating your next menu options by offering something unexpected. Floatation therapy offers unbelievable rejuvenation with a fresh angle on hydrotherapy. Splash into “The Benefits of Floatation Therapy” with a multitude of beauty and psychological benefits. Shake up the status quo with belly treatments that celebrate all women via facials and massage while also providing a canvas for personal artwork. Get the inside scoop with “Belly Treatments for All”.


Plan for Success

Devising a business strategy is a must when running a spa. Uncover how to harness long-term success in “The Ins and Outs of Running a Day Spa”. Your menu defines your spa and sets client expectations. “Revamping Spa Menus” presents five easy steps, from market research to reconsidering color schemes, to increase profitability. Create a winning strategy today!


Connect on a Deeper Level

Nature and humanity provide an opportunity for increased awareness in addition to well-being in your spa. Read up on Mother Nature’s secret to preserving youth and promoting ancient healing with “Holy Basil”. Call upon the healing benefits of eye gazing in “The Magic of Eye Contact”.


Get Inspired

Cruise ships are a billion dollar industry, as is the bridal industry. Discover how to combine the two in “Business Advice for Beauty Professionals with Melissa Coates,” as she shares all the details to tap into the cruise ship wedding craze. This season’s makeup is all about structure, glitter and bold colors. Pamela Taylor presents a visual editorial on the latest makeup trends for you in “Fall For Beauty”.


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