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The best of the industry comes alive in a brand new issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!


Coral Gables, Fla.—January 29, 2016—This February, we’re in love with the latest in the industry: our LNE & Spa’s BEST winners and the hottest technology innovations.


The long-awaited February edition of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa announces the winners of the coveted LNE & Spa’s BEST title in an exciting photo shoot. Nominated by our educational committee, hundreds of products competed in a record 42 categories and you chose the winners!


Our innovative Future of Equipment Guide is sure to keep your spa on the cutting edge of technology. Learn how to achieve a flawless face with microcurrent, lift sagging skin, choose the best equipment for your spa and everything you’ll need to succeed in a new generation of beauty tech care.


Neck on the line


You’ve taught your aging clients how to best take care of their faces, but what about the neck and décolleté areas? They’re exposed to the same elements as the face, but not often properly treated. In “Shhh…Your True Age is Showing,” Dasha Saian outlines the best treatments for the neck and chest.


Say no to techno-woes


Your clients’ busy lives often mean long hours in front of a computer, constant text messaging, typing or looking down at devices. More and more, they’ll come to you with “tech-neck,” “texting-thumb,” and a slew of tech-related maladies. Learn how to address the aches and pains of high-tech living in “Taking Care of Technophiles” by Amanda Clinton Winter.


Climbing the ladder


A promotion to manager is thrilling after all your hard work, but what happens next? Dori Soukup explains how creating a successful action plan and defining your management role are key “Steps to Success” for your flourishing career growth.


Super spirulina


Calming, anti-aging, detoxifying, nourishing: discover the topical and nutritional benefits of adding “Spirulina in the Spa.” Elina Fedotova shares all the benefits and applications of this versatile wonder algae.


Making the mark


For centuries, women have longed for beauty marks akin to fashion idols like Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe. In the 21st century, creating or defining a beauty mark is easier than ever with micropigmentation. Inspired Glamour” comes to life as Rose Marie Beauchemin shares how to create the perfect beauty mark.


Our February edition is all about moving your practice into the future. From incorporating life coaching in the spa, new ways to deal with sensitive skin and increasing your retail profits, this issue has all the keys to industry success in today’s modern world.


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