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Go beyond the cutting-edge of industry trends with the latest issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!


Coral Gables, FL—March 20, 2015—April is here, and spring is in full swing! Get the latest scoop on intriguing ideas and revenue boosting business ideas with the latest issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa! Don’t miss our complete Hair Removal Guide for the latest insight on this issue, and the “Get in Their Hair!” photo feature will give you a complete lineup of products to get your clients fuzz free in time for summer!


Magic elixir

Get “Serum Savvy” with this in-depth article from April Zangl and Erin Ferrill. Find out all you need to know about this powerful potion, including what it is that makes serums unique, the different kinds of serums, and the specific benefits of each type.


Made for mom

Get your spa ready for “Pampering Mom” this Mother’s Day. Caroline Canetti shares examples of spas that have mastered the opportunities this holiday provides with enticing, profitable packages for mothers and daughters.


Online connection

Learn how to connect with current and potential clients through your website with the help of “Man or Machine” by Louis Silberman. He explains how to build trust by developing an online personality with specific action points. This approach to designing a compelling online presence can help you build a stronger bond with your clientele.


The power of sound

Learn all about the power of Tibetan singing bowls in “Good Vibrations” by César Tejedor. This form of sound healing has been around for centuries but is still extremely unique in Western culture, making it a great modality to help your spa stand out!


Boost your makeup business

Give your clients (and your business) “The Finishing Touch” by promoting your makeup retail in the spa. Hannah Hatcher shares advice on how to greatly boost the chances of your clients buying makeup retail from you after every treatment they receive at your spa.


Make sure you don’t miss out on these and other captivating topics in the April issue, including “Tailored Treatment,” “Pinterest: The Perfect Place for Mom,” “Moonlight Children” and “The Dazzle of the Vajazzle,” to name a few.


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