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Coral Gables, Fla. — March 17, 2016 — Warmer weather in the first full month of spring makes us long for summer. As clients start to bare their skin in shorts and bikinis, perhaps for the first time all winter, it’s time for spas to maximize their summer menus.


This month’s Bare & Beautiful Guide is the perfect place to get started. Beginning with the ever-important hair removal consultation and sanitation, our comprehensive guide aims to get your spa ready for all of your clients’ hair removal needs. With original add-ons to go beyond the bikini wax, ingrown hair treatments, customized methods for each unique hair type and how to promote your business via the latest social media platforms, your practice can become the go-to source for smooth skin. With our special hair removal photoshoot, discover “All You Need,” for a smooth hair removal practice.


Good skin genes


DNA repair is not only the future of skin care, it’s today’s buzzing topic. In “Skin Renewal,” Dr. Ben Johnson explains the causes of DNA damage and the key ingredients shown to support self-repair within the skin. For age prevention, reversal and cellular renewal, learn why this complex topic is at the forefront of the skin care conversation.


Clean break


With an increasing focus on wellness taking over the industry, detox treatments are no longer most popular at the start of a new year and before summer, but year-round. “Tox-Out” your clients with innovative treatments ideas and increase your spa’s revenue with mud treatments, colon hydrotherapy, infrared saunas and much more!


Select to connect


Increasing the one-on-one connection clients seek when they enter a spa is the key to happier clients. Eliminating the front desk is “The New Meet and Greet” in spas, boosting bottom lines as well as client satisfaction. Learn from modern spa designers and owners how to utilize tech, square footage and attentive staff for improved client relations.


Beyond beauty sleep


According to the Center for Disease Control, about 70 million Americans have a chronic inability to get a good night’s rest. Could some of these be your clients? With 32 billion dollars spent every year on sleep assistance, your spa could play a key role in providing the rest and relaxation today’s world desperately needs. With tranquil “Sleep Therapies” to balance the body and mind, promote energy flow and reduce stress, your sleep-deprived clients can finally find rest.


The newest beauty tool


The secret to successful makeup retail? Strong client relationships. As a learning center for all things beauty, clients see your spa as the perfect place to discover new tips, tricks and techniques. Shawn Towne explains how teaching or hosting a makeup class in the spa is the “The New Tool in Client Connections” and outlines the logistics and step-by-step rundown of a successful event. After all, your expertise is your greatest tool.


April’s edition of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa aims to answer your most important beauty and business concerns, including treating and beating hyperpigmentation, dealing with tardy clients and implementing hot new sand therapies. This and so much more awaits inside the pages of our exciting April edition!


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