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The Life Changing Power of Sacred Frequencies

Vibrational therapy is a healing method that uses sound, energy, vibration, frequency and tone to create a positive change or impact on the well being of an individual. The therapy transmits vibrations directly through the body, causing muscles to contract and relax. Humans have used vibrations as a therapy from the origins of our history through many different forms and in natural, instinctive ways. The Indians from the Amazones used the flute and drums, the Aborigines from Australia the didgeridoo, the Egyptians the harp, the Tibetans the bowls, horns and trumpets, the Japanese the gongs and the Indian Americans the chanting.

Vibrational therapy is based on the idea that illnesses and diseases are characterized by a blockage in our bodies’ channels. When our body’s frequency is not in balance and blockage occurs, the affected organ stops vibrating, which results in sickness or discomfort. Vibration and sound are potent tools to unleash these blockages and allow mobility and flow of emotions, thoughts and physical sensations. Sending vibrations through the body can break up, dissolve and release blockages where energy is stuck to help cure diseases and other ailments, initiating the body’s overall health and harmony.

There are several different modalities of vibrational therapy, but some of the most common styles include the Tibetan bowl, the crystal bowl, drumming and the gong.

  • Tibetan Bowl Therapy

Tibetan bowl therapy treats the energy, the mind and the body through the use of metal “singing” bowls, to balance all levels of the human being. Depending on the method of application and how the bowls are used and placed on the body, the effects and indications can vary enormously. The most effective treatments are the ones related to stress, depression, insomnia, emotional disorders, mental heaviness and general muscular stress. The Tibetan Bowl therapy can also be applied in order to prevent disease and to promote genuine individual health.

Made from metal, the bowls are struck in specific rhythmic patterns to create vibrational harmonic sounds at different frequencies. Some sound healers associate each bowl with a musical note, while others follow their intuition — not giving importance to notes and frequencies. Sometimes the bowls will be placed directly on the client’s body, while other times they will be placed around the body without touching the client. The therapist may also move them around the body creating a relaxing meditative atmosphere.

César Tejedor, practitioner and spa trainer specializing in the Tibetan Bowl, has written several books and online courses on the Tibetan Bowl. He comments, “I look at the human as the sum of physical body, energy and mind along with the balance of the social and natural environment. If there is no equilibrium, it is impossible to enjoy a healthy and happy life. This is why the treatment I provide works at all levels of the human being.” During this therapy, clients experience a deep relaxation of the body; some may feel as if they are melting into the earth while others may feel like they are floating in the air. Clients reach a deep state of meditation or semi-conscious state, eliminating toxins from the body and stimulating a free flow of energy.

This particular treatment is beneficial for those who are sick or ill, but also for those who are healthy. Tibetan bowl therapy guides a person into rebalancing themselves and helps prevent future diseases (30, 60 or 90 minutes/$100-250).

  • Crystal Bowl Therapy

Crystal Bowl Therapy is used as a medium of intense energy to create sound waves for the intention of healing emotional issues. As Tibetan metal bowls generate a series of harmonic overtones and tend to resonate more effectively when placed directly on the body of the listener, crystal bowls generate more of a pure tone and are essentially more successful when held away from the listener’s body. The bowls are made out of quartz, which is a powerful amplifier of energy.

Each crystal bowl is attuned to the diatonic musical scale — C, D, E, F, G, A, B — which is connected with the chakra system – base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. The bigger the bowl the deeper the sound and the more it resonates with the physical. The smaller the bowl, the higher the sound and the more it resonates with the spiritual.

The sound emitted by playing the crystal bowl has been called the “purest tone” in the world. The vibrational frequencies of the bowls resonate with the physical body and the subtle energy field facilitating the harmonizing of the heart with the mind and the physical with the spiritual. The sound induces altered states of consciousness and the body vibrates to a more refined level (30-60 minutes/$40-$90).

  • Gong Therapy

A gong can directly influence a listener’s state of being using a variety of different pitches. The gong amplifies and directs healing energies in the form of electromagnetic waves to carry charged particles through an electromagnetic field from the healer to the listener. The gong cuts through subconscious thought patterns and releases the soul from attachment to negative habits of thinking and feeling. The vibrations affect the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems to directly impact the listener’s state of mind.

Ganesha Michael Shapiro, certified Kundalini yoga instructor and full-time energy-healing practitioner specializing in gong therapy, states, “It is necessary for the practitioner to be able to listen deeply with their intuitive and meditative minds in order to perceive the subtle resonances and tones that are beneficial to listeners.” The gong is said to contain a generative energy that has the power to move consciousness through the channels of time and space.

According to the science of Kundalini yoga, the mind has no defense against the vibrations of the gong. Shapiro continues, “It is highly admired and respected by healers, yogis and shamans for its ability to cut through blockages, remove karma and move the mind and the consciousness of a listener towards its destiny or destination.” The gong is frequently used by itself for therapeutic benefits, but may be combined with other instruments such as drums, bells, bowls and flutes.

Gongs are frequently used in meditation workshops, healing and wellness clinics, spas and retreat locations. A gong therapy treatment is usually between 60 and 90 minutes, but can be as short as a few minutes and can last as long as a couple of hours depending on the body’s imbalance (60-90 minutes/$30-100).

  • Drumming Therapy

The drum is the original and most primal sound healing instrument. For centuries, shamans from indigenous tribes all around the world have used the drum to “transport” people into a more relaxed and altered state of mind. The drumbeat reminds us of our mother’s womb and connecting us back to that feeling is a healing experience for many clients.

“The drumbeat reminds us of our mother’s womb.”

Jeff Deen, practicing sound healer and shaman, states on the topic, “The low frequency sound waves of a drum penetrate deep into the body, giving the client an inner massage that is felt all the way down to the bones. Clients report that their bodies become the vibration, which melts away stress and emotional traumas effortlessly.”

When a person is exposed to a constant and relaxing rhythm, their brain waves automatically slow down to match that rhythm. Deen continues, “A skilled shaman or sound healer can then escort the client into the “theta” brainwave state, which is a trance state allowing the client to access the subconscious mind and their own inner wisdom.” Slower rhythms generally result in more relaxation, whereas faster rhythms can be conducive to moving through a blockage. Different frequencies of different drums resonate with different parts of the body (60-90 minutes/$200).

Vibrational therapy can be done on almost any instrument, making it beneficial and cost-effective in spa settings. Many vibrational therapists enroll in a variety of courses and training programs that vary in length from weekend workshops to several years of in-depth methodical training.

To guide your clients in finding a solution to their physical, emotional or mental problems, a proper diagnosis should be given to address each client’s particular imbalances. Sometimes, one session is enough, but some clients may need to receive weekly or monthly treatments in order to enhance their concentration, meditation and mindfulness or to relieve various ailments and boost their positive psychological state.

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