November 2018 > Facial Massage Guide

Benefits Of Facial Massage

Why facial massage is a must for every treatment

by Judith Bourgeois

The benefits of facial massage reach far beyond the skin. In addition to improving circulation, skin tone and radiance and reducing muscle tightness, wrinkles and toxins, a 10 to 20-minute facial massage helps balance your clients from the inside out, and allows their true beauty to shine forward.


Every part of the body responds to a facial massage. You are probably familiar with the reflexology points located on the hands and feet, but there are also many pressure points on the face! In Ayurveda, for example, 108 marma points are recognized on the body, 37 of which are located on the head, face, neck and upper chest. These energy points can be stimulated by almost any kind of touch. A good facial massage activates many of them, and thus has the potential to positively impact every organ and bodily system.

For example, stimulating and gently massaging the points around the eye orbit not only enlivens the eyes, smoothes out fine lines, and moves lymphatic waste away to help clear puffiness and dark circles, it also positively impacts the kidneys, liver and stomach.

Another example would be the master glands (pineal, pituitary) located on the forehead and scalp. Gently massaging and stimulating corresponding marma points directly affects and balances hormone levels in the whole body.


Facial massage reduces puffiness and speeds the removal of waste products by boosting circulation (blood and lymph) AND bringing more nutrients, oxygen and immune factors to the skin for a healthy glow. Unlike blood circulation, the lymph fluid needs muscle movement to circulate throughout the body to prevent sluggishness and toxic buildup. There are many lymph nodes on the face, specifically along the jawline and the edge of the chin, which greatly benefit from facial massage.

Stimulating the lymphatic system along with marma points can also help with sinus congestion. A good massage helps to relieve any congestion by improving drainage and mobilizing secretions, reducing the pressure that so often results in headaches.

On a broader level, as the different marma or pressure points get stimulated during massage, toxins and congestion from corresponding organs also start gently clearing away, increasing immunity.


By relaxing tense muscles, massage reduces the levels of stress hormones that result from muscle tension, immediately benefiting the circulation, blood pressure, heart rate, energy and adding a sense of harmony and contentment. Because facial massage is pleasurable, it increases the level of endorphins, making one both feel and look better. The face, back of the neck, and ears are extremely sensitive to touch. They contain an abundance of nerves that feel wonderful when touched and have the power to better release tension throughout the entire body.

Head massage, which is an essential part of a holistic facial, dramatically calms the nervous system and brings subtle nourishment to the brain. Working on specific marma points (center of forehead, temples, occipital ridge at the back of the skull) can also reduce and even eliminate headaches and migraines.


The caring attention clients receive during a facial massage encourages emotional release and boosts self-esteem, making them feel nurtured, loved and lovable. By massaging the head, face, neck and upper chest, communication and energetic exchange between the head and the heart is improved. When these two work in unison, an individual truly feels his or her best.

“Facial massage restores radiance…”


Ayurveda is an ancient, natural system of healing based on a comprehensive view of the laws of nature and theory of the five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth). When these elements combine they create three governing principles, or doshas (called Vata, Pitta and Kapha), which must be kept in proper balance in order for one to remain healthy. These principles apply as much to the body as they do to the mind.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, facial massage assists in bringing balance to some specific aspect of the doshas. One of these aspects is called Bhrajaka Pitta, and is related to the fire element in the body and located in the skin. It regulates both complexion and skin glow.

Another aspect that benefits from facial massage is Vyana Vata, made up of air and space elements. Vyana Vata governs the various forms of circulation in the body from neural information, flow of blood, lymph and circulation within the digestive system to more subtle forms of circulation such as thoughts, emotions and life force.

Probably the most intangible aspect and yet so very important to the quality of life is Prana Vata, also made up of mostly space and air element. Prana Vata is located in the head, brain and nervous system. It is responsible for the manifestation and the expansion of consciousness in an individual, clarity of mind and perception. Physically, Prana Vata inputs and governs the movement of information throughout the whole body and enhances the very life force in every cell. The healing touch implicit in a facial massage balances these doshas, bringing greater clarity to both body and mind.


Facial massage plays a very important part in a holistic anti-aging treatment. By stimulating circulation, more energy, oxygen and nourishment are brought to the target areas, which has a lifting and firming effect. Toxins, impurities and puffiness are also reduced. As tight facial muscles relax and collagen production increases, wrinkles diminish. By helping to normalize the moisture balance in the skin, a good facial massage restores radiance for healthy, younger looking skin. Bringing balance to the skin can start right from the facial massage, provided that an oil specifically beneficial to the skin-type is being used.