It’s time to SPRING into WELLNESS…


Coral Gables, Fla.—February 23, 2017—A healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the JOURNEY through this month’s issue as we focus on serenity and strive for wellness in the spa!


March’s Oneness: Body, Mind & Spirit Guide is centered on not merely being alive, but being WELL. Uncover why wellness in the spa is central and discover how to incorporate it into your spa identity. Reconnect your clients to their inner light with the growing movement of shamans in the spa. Spas’ next secret is OUT as we unearth the life changing power of sacred frequencies. Learn how an extra dose of light in your spa can take your clients on a traveling visual experience through the third eye. Finally, join the RISE of moving meditation and self-expression in the spa as we share with you the power of conscious dance!


That’s not all! Get ready to take your facial services to the next level as we expose the practice of acupressure for healthy, glowing skin.


Also, we have the inside scoop on MICROGREENS in skin care. This complex increases the body’s natural production of enzymes; an exclusive collection to not only fight harmful effects of pollution, but also fortify the skin against environmental change… Stay tuned!!!


Do your clients show signs of premature aging? This month we’ve unveiling the signs, causes and solutions of premature aging to help you guide your clients to a healthy, younger looking appearance.


A dynamic duo with a serious impact! Boost the power of your massage practice by adding hypnotherapy to the mix; an amazingly savvy spa combo!


Tired of staying in the confines of your spa everyday? It’s time for a more flexible schedule! Peep this month’s article on mobile spa services and give yourself the freedom you deserve.


A super herb for super skin! Very berry benefits are revealed in this month’s article featuring the schizandra berry!


Set the tone for a meditation sanctuary in your spa. Discover how to cultivate a sacred space for you AND your clients.


Find all this and more cutting-edge concepts and ideas in the March 2017 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!


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