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Sometimes, clients need more than a facial. When it comes to treating persistent skin issues like rosacea, acne, and hyperpigmentation, topical treatments may not be enough. As an esthetician, you are educated about how the skin reacts to various ingredients and environments; but what about how it reacts to different gut and digestive issues? Our April Guide: Gut & Skin, explains the connection between what you see on the clients skin, and what’s going on inside.

Inner beauty is more than a stress free attitude and positive thinking. Explore the scientific connection between gut and skin health. Treating your client’s skin from the inside is possible, even with a basic skin care license. We’ve got the expert breakdown about how to approach your client’s nutritional health while staying within the boundaries of your license and “doing no harm.”

What else is trending inside April’s issue of LNE & Spa?

PROBIOTIC SKIN CARE is the perfect bridge between gut & skin health. Discover the connection between topical and ingestible probiotics.

It’s all over the Internet, but does it work? MICRONEEDLING is this year’s skin care breakthrough. Add this professional treatment to your menu and see business soar!

Cater your menu to ladies who lunch! LUNCH TIME FACIALS are the best way to give your clients results, even when they’re on a tight schedule.

Are your ORGANIC SKIN CARE products really organic? We’ve got the details on what organic regulations really entail.

Center yourself with Maxine Drake’s DAILY RITUALS FOR THE INSPIRED ESTHETICIAN. Be empowered to face every day and every client with gratitude and purpose.

Did you know there is more than one way to apply blush? Discover FIVE WAYS TO APPLY BLUSH for more sculpted cheeks!

Find it all in the April issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa!

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