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The list of reasons why clients come to see you is endless. Oftentimes, you have a fixed number of treatments and services you can offer to try and meet one of their unique individual needs. But savvy skin care business owners are finding new ways to create customized treatments that offer clients that “just for me” feeling inside and outside of the treatment room.

Our May Customization Guide is all about finding creative ways to create more with less. Ask more questions to find out why your client is there. Combine more active ingredients for cocktailed serums. Choose more customizable skin care lines that are created exactly for the purpose of personalizing each service. Smart choices can create dozens of options with only a few products.

What else is trending inside May’s issue of LNE & Spa?

All about AMPOULES! These tiny powerhouse treatments are a step in the right direction when looking to customize targeted facial treatments.

INTERVIEW Do’s and Don’ts! Learn what to ask and what not to ask potential new employees to leave the best impression without crossing legal lines.

Need a lift? LASH LIFTS are the new hot lash service this season. Amp up your client’s natural lashes and give them a little gravity-defying lift.

MULTI MASKING is trending on Instagram, but is it trending on your spa menu? We’ve got a powdery twist on this masking mania!

Not every client gets a good night SLEEP. Learn to encourage restful relaxation during your spa treatments with expert techniques from Robert Sachs.

A good BRAZILIAN WAX will keep a client coming back for decades. Take notes on how to build a successful waxing business and master your craft.

Find it all in the May issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazine!

The Customization Factor
Anticipate client needs and ask the right questions for a customized spa experience
by Laura Martinez

Multi Masking
Become an expert mixologist by personalizing your back bar mask combinations
by Ami Mallon

All About Ampoules
Why these concentrated serums can treat any skin condition
by Karen Asquith

Custom Skin Infusion
Build upon the basic facial with customizable treatment add ons
by Cristina Beecham

Ampoules Photo Feature

Got Oxygen?
Help the skin perform its best with oxygenation therapy
by Christine Heathman


Building On Brazilians
Why intimate waxing brings in big business and how to become an expert
by Regina M. Tucker

Spa of the Month


Interview Do’s and Don’t’s
Asking the right questions matters when looking for a perfect fit
by Devon Kirk

Behind the Spa Door
Microcurrent Business Strategy with Tony Picciano and Cherie Callahan, NeurotriSTM


Prickly Pear
The desert fruit that leaves skin hydrated and nourished
by Aurora Solis


Need A Lift?
Lash lifts and perms are the new gravity-defying must have lash treatment on the menu
by Jaclyn Peresetsky